At Public Paving  of Massachusetts, we are specialists in asphalt and driveway pavings for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Massachusetts. We are a team of professional driveway and asphalt pavers who pride ourselves on delighting our clients with asphalt driveway installations that meet their unique needs.

We are highly proficient and skilled in the seamless installation of asphalt footpaths, pathways, and driveways. Beyond driveways, you can hire our professional expertise for everything that involves paving. From parking lots and roads to multi-purpose outdoor fields. Easthampton driveway/asphalt paving contractors are tremendously diligent at delivering projects that conform with the industry’s best practices as well as the Government regulations.

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Here at Public paving – pavers/asphalt paving contractors, we commit to delivering quality with each project we work on. Our contracting service is readily available to the residents of Easthampton and its environs who wish to install quality asphalt driveways. As the best asphalt driveway pavers in town, we hire only qualified professionals with amazing human skills as well as extended years of experience in the asphalt paving industry.

 We have good relationships with strong suppliers that provide the highest quality products and materials in the paving market. Through our internal control processes, we assess whether the materials to be used in installing the new driveway conform to or exceed industry best practices.

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Asphalt paving


We value building and maintaining healthy relationships with our stakeholders, especially our suppliers, as it makes our job easier. They better understand our company’s operation and are also quick to know if there are improvements or innovations on our end. This makes it easier for them to deliver the best material promptly.

As a leading asphalt driveway installation contractor in Massachusetts, we are reputed as a team of diligent professionals who commit to offering the best value to their clients. After completing any driveway or asphalt paving project, we leave the site in an impeccable condition as we ensure every part of our activity conforms to quality practices. Meaning we don’t take shortcuts when doing the job you paid us to do.

Shortcuts of any form are a great disservice to the interest of our clients, who have invested a substantial amount of money to make their lives easier by installing asphalt driveways on their properties. So, even though there are other contractors who take shortcuts to increase their profit; we don’t. We do nothing that is not in the best interest of our clients.


Asphalt Repair and Paving

Here at public paving, our professional contractors understand how to install asphalt driveways that are both quality and aesthetically pleasing for the comfort of our clients. We use quality materials in an eco-friendly manner to do this. Also, where there are signs of damages on the asphaltic surface of your driveway, quickly contact us at public paving for timely repair services.

Surfacing and Milling

Surfacing and milling is an important preparatory activity that must be diligently done before ‌installing a new driveway. Regardless of your choice of driveway coating material; be it asphalt, concrete, wood, brick or whatever. The ground must first be leveled. Our skilled and experienced driveway pavers/asphalt paving workers at public paving are licensed and insured to carry out a good and perfect job that will gladden your heart.

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Sealcoating and Stamped Asphalt

Keep the asphalt on your driveway impervious to any element that can potentially seep into it and cause damage. Moisture, oil, heat, and other chemicals can cause damage to the asphalt if comes in direct contact with the asphalt for too long. Using quality sealants, our experienced team of driveway pavers can protect your driveway from the attack of these elements.

Crack Sealing and Crack Filling

Where there are cracks on the asphaltic driveway leading to your office or home, we can use either of crack sealing or crack filling techniques to fill the cracks thereby keeping the asphalt impervious to further damage.

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Storm Basin/Drainage

If water would damage your asphalt driveway, it means you have to get rid of the moisture in an   efficient way. This is why you need a storm basin or drainage on your driveway. We use quality materials for their construction. And we make sure it is not an eyesore!

Pavement Marking

As the foremost driveway pavers/asphalt paving contractors in Easthampton, Massachusetts, we understand a driveway is not functional until appropriate pavement markings are designed on it to offer guidance and instructions to users. We have professionals and experts that can use a creative and skillful way to design clear pavement markings on your driveway.

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Infrared Repair

Here at public paving, our professionals keep up to date with the innovations happening in our industry. We can take advantage of infrared technology to add new layers of asphalt to your driveway in such a way that both the old and the new asphalt seamlessly blend together.

Parking Structures

 We are not excellent at driveway or asphalt paving alone. We can design and construct state of the art parking structures to complement your driveways. 

Contact us today for your driveway/asphalt maintenance or repair. We are available 24/7 to work for you.


Here at Public paving, we commit to delivering quality with each project we work on. Our contracting service is readily available to the residents of Easthampton and its environs who wish to install quality asphalt driveways. As the best asphalt driveway pavers in town, we hire only qualified professionals with amazing human skills as well as extended years of experience in the asphalt paving industry.

Easthampton contractors have good relationships with strong suppliers that provide the highest quality products and materials in the insulation market. Through our internal control processes, we assess whether the materials to be used in installing the new driveway conform to or exceed industry best practices.

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This is our job. So, you can trust us to deliver long-lasting driveway/asphalt surfaces that meet your unique needs. We are widely acclaimed as the top choice for driveway/asphalt paving contractors in Easthampton, Massachusetts. We live up to this reputation, as we conform to best practices to ensure we deliver a service that leaves you delighted long into the future. Asides from using quality materials and engaging the best professionals on your project, we also make it our duty to diligently answer whatever question you have concerning paving a new driveway for you. Be it asphalt or otherwise.

We prioritize your best interest and are there at each step to offer guidance to you. If you are not sure about the right style of the driveway to choose from, we will help you arrive at a decision. Quality driveway/asphalt paving projects help you to save resources in the long term. This is a truth everyone knows, yet there are some of our competitors who prioritize their bottom line above customer satisfaction. Here at GreyHopper, we will not do that. This ‌makes us stand apart from the competition in our industry.

Here at Public Paving, we don’t aim to be another driveway/asphalt paving contractor, instead, we want to be the best. Through fast and helpful customer service from us to our clients and by showing them they can totally put their trust in us for their milling and resurfacing, seal coating and stamped asphalt, asphalt and driveway repair, maintenance, or paving.

What else beats the satisfaction of great customer service, experience, knowledge, promptness, and professionalism? We are the right choice for your home or office driveway/asphalt paving needs in Easthampton, Massachusetts. You can trust us with the job. So, contact us today to begin your journey to energy efficiency!

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Of the many types of materials used for finishing driveways in both residential and commercial properties, asphalt ranks top. Property owners frequently chose it because of the many benefits it has over other finishing materials. Laying asphalt usually takes the shortest period, we can complete an asphalt installation in two days with our expertise.

Asphalt is also desired because of its durability. Asphalt won’t flake nor would it experience spalling, even if they hurriedly installed it. These driveways perform wonders during winter, their black color is a good absorber of heat making it possible for the snow or rain to disappear quickly as a result of the inherent heat in the asphalt.


Surface Milling is a process of removing (grinding down) an existing surface to a specified depth which is commonly completed as prep work in the paving process for the re-installation of new hot-mix asphalt material. This process is quite technical, it requires expertise so the newly installed asphalt can blend seamlessly with the existing one on the driveway.

You have nothing to worry about if our professional expertise is sought to carry out this procedure for you in Massachusetts. We explore our proven procedure for resurfacing and milling your driveway such that the result is neat. With the help of a reliable contract like ODT, you will get the best value for your money.


The alternating weather changes, sunlight, rain, snow, and freezing effect. Plus non-natural factors, such as road salt and the impact of gasoline, are reasons for deterioration signs on asphalt pavements. Whether you like it or you don’t, your once shiny asphalt pavement would begin to weaken as time goes on. Hence, seal coating protects your asphalt driveway and as a result, extends the useful life longer than naked asphalt pavement.

By stamping your asphalt pavement, the road would have an enhanced look. It also offers a branded look. As a top-rated driveway pavers/asphalt paving contractor, it is in your best interest to work with us for quality sealcoating on your stamped asphalt.


Both crack sealing and filling may be used interchangeably, but they literally don’t represent the same thing even though they aim to repair cracks on asphalt roads. Both procedures prevent the entry of moisture into the base of the asphalt pavement where it is potentially more dangerous and severe damage. We can help you choose the most effective procedure for correcting the crack in your asphalt driveway pavement if you reach out to us at Public Paving.


Storm basins and drainage virtually do the same thing although they achieve their goals via different mechanisms; both are for draining water off the surface of the asphalt pavement. As you know, the direct contact of water on the surface of your pavement quickens the damage to the pavement. Not sure which one is ideal for your driveway pavement? Reach out to us at Public Paving, we are a top-rated driveway pavers/asphalt paving contractor service in Easthampton, Massachusetts.


We provide pavement marking services to make it easier for users of the driveway to navigate the pavement. This pavement marking is also useful in areas, such as the parking lot of your office. Do you need help with a parking structure befitting the edifice you have built for yourself or to complement your choice of driveway pavement? Talk to us at Public paving to help you out today.


Asphalt installation is considered one of the most cost-effective finishing or driveway paving services. Although, it may seem expensive after considering add-con costs, such as seal coating, pavement marking, and drainage, among others. However, these additional features would save money for you in the long term as it contributes to an asphalt road that would last many, many years.

There are many factors that influence prices, such as complexity, type of material, and size of the job. For instance, we can pave driveways using a few different materials. We offer coverage for multiple options: asphalt, concrete, and treated wood are among the most common choices. Each option has its own positives and negatives that should be considered depending on your needs. Sometimes we can give you a range and sometimes not because every company will charge differently. If there is enough information provided to us, we may be able to have someone call you and give you an estimate over the phone.

It’s bad optics to think non-professionals would cost you lesser money compared to professional driveway contractors. In the long run, the service rendered by these quacks would cost you peace of mind, more money for repairs, and your vehicle could get damaged as a result of such poor quality work.

They may end up using poor standard materials for your driveway paving and even though this does not spell health complications, you would be suffering a great loss as you lack the technical expertise and knowledge that only driveway pavers/asphalt paving contractors have. Hiring contractors who adhere to the best practices and use quality materials can save you a lot of time and money that you would lose if you end up hiring rookies to pave your driveways.

The duration for completing a driveway paving project differs from one project to another. The size of the driveway is a big factor that influences this. Another thing is the degree of work to be done on the driveway, if the preparatory activities are seemingly going to consume a long time, then this can affect the duration. Some of the prep activities are site grading and excavation. Is it a new installation or just repairs and maintenance activities?

There is an abundance of finishing materials for driveway paving. The most common type is asphalt. Concrete also has an almost similar level of popularity as asphalt. Crushed stone, resin, block, cobblestone, and pavers are other types of driveway surfaces that are also in demand.

Driveways play a large role in the beauty of our homes and other properties. The choice of driveway surface affects how your properties are valued or perceived both by you and the visitors. Contact our professional expertise at ODT to choose the most suitable one for you.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional firm like ODT to handle your driveway pavings. One of the top ones is the fact that professionals don’t cut corners. We prioritize your best interest. Therefore, we invest in quality materials for your pavement installation, maintenance, or repairs. You save money and time in the long run. These resources are priceless to you and you can’t afford to burn them willfully. Since a professional contractor would ensure best practices are followed, they’ll seemingly be saving you these two resources.

Inclusivity is a trending word in today’s media. Asides from that, the American legislation recommends compliance with its Disabilities Act guidelines. You may not know how this affects you, but professional driveway pavers/asphalt paving contractors can guide you on this.

Our driveway pavers/asphalt paving services are available near you. We are in every state of the United States. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever you have a driveway problem. Adamsville and York are our service pages to two other Alabama cities that are close to Abbeville.

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